Elisabetta Franchi

A woman who gets excited and knows how to excite. A woman with a goal: to fulfill the dreams of a little girl who in fashion has always seen her world and the truest essence of her. A wish that came true. It is the story of Elisabetta Franchi, soul of the eponymous brand, who managed to conquer the female universe thanks to her style and her creativity. A success resulting from a great passion, a scrupulous study of the product and a great attention to the taste and needs of consumers. Elisabetta Franchi studied with great sacrifice at the Aldrovandi Rubbiani Institute in Bologna and her entry into the world of fashion originated right there. The Elisabetta Franchi spring / summer 2021 collection focuses on the power of nature as a rebirth and new beginning. The colors of spring dress the class and delicacy of a refined and seductive woman who chooses
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