Versace Jeans Couture

the story of Versace is a family story that has its origins in Reggio Calabria, when a very young Gianni played tailoring in his mother's small shop and where, almost unconsciously, he learned the secrets of the trade. The two brothers Santo and Donatella also grew up in the same shop and, over time, became his most faithful companions in an adventure that from 28 March 1978 took the name of Versace. Today Versace, with Donatella, Santo and daughter Francesca, evolves and enchants again and to do so it approaches that public far from the glossy magazines and Milanese fashion shows, creating a prét-a-porter line for accessible luxury and a young style. This line takes the name of Versace Jeans and combines the modern and essential style of the brand with the high quality of the materials, drawing inspiration from the past to enhance the present and the future thanks to the use of precious and timeless details and details.
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